Keeping the arts alive

For Laura Streib, work isn’t about making a profit or making the customer happy. It’s about providing what’s missing in local education to the students of Portland.

Vibe of Portland provides art and music to students in the Portland Metro area regardless of socioeconomic status through our after school classes,” said Streib.

Vibe of Portland provides these classes at Harrison Park school and TaborSpace.

Providing this type of education isn’t just a gift to the students but to herself as well, her favorite moment with Vibe of Portland came this June at an art gala for their students.

“The students arrived, all dressed up, with the artwork adorning the walls of a brightly lit gallery and were bursting with excitement, believing that they were real artists. The excitement of the evening with students, parents, peers and the greater Portland community seeing their hard work made me so proud of the work Vibe is doing in student’s lives.”
The work for Streib for the year is far from complete. Her goal for the next year is to secure funding to expand the capabilities of Vibe of Portland. This year they were honored with placement on the Willamette Week‘s Give!Guide 2010, and Streib hopes that it will raise the money needed to continue their work. 

Vibe Kids
Photo Courtesy of Laura Streib

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