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If you would like to send us a file via FTP, please give us a call at 503-239-6694 or an email at to request an account. Once the request is approved we will set up your account and email your user name and password to you.

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Conditions to FTP accounts

  1. You may not store files here that are unrelated to your current job at NW Printed Solutions. All such files will be deleted immediately.
  2. We do not permanently store your files for you in this location. All files will be left in your FTP account for a maximum of 14 days before being purged. Only files that are used in the creation of your job are permanently stored on our server under the corresponding job number.
  3. Your account is not kept active indefinitely. All decisions concerning FTP accounts, including their opening and closing, are at the discretion of NW Printed Solutions.