Get Your Small Business 3-month

Marketing Plan!

(Courtesy of Terry Taylor, Dancing with Cows marketing firm)

Marketing PlanAs soon as someone mentions anything with the word ‘plan’ in it, business owners usually cringe. Marketing action plans do not have to be laborious or finely detailed. In fact, if it is too complicated, no one will follow it.

Creating a marketing plan and putting it into practice does require some thinking, time, and commitment–however it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. No matter what profession or business you’re in, you need a marketing plan!

A marketing plan makes your marketing more effective and will make your business more successful. A plan will help you stay focused, show you what actions to take, save you time and money, keep your current customers, and bring in more prospects and clients so you have a more profitable business.

We know creating a plan can be very time consuming, easy to shove behind your business’ daily needs, and most likely will soon be put in a drawer and never looked at again.  So we created for you an easy-to-follow 3-month Marketing Plan. Now you quickly know what to do each week and which tasks need to be completed in order to make your business thrive in 2010.

Simply download our complimentary three month marketing plan right here to get yourself moving in the right direction for 2010. We at NW Printed Solutions thank you for your business and it is our commitment to help you grow your business any way we can. Please take a few moments to go over this plan now and let us know if we can be of any assistance to the growth of your business.

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