Embroidery and Screen Printing (How to order)

Step 1. Go to one of our Apparel stores.

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Browsing our apparel stores is as easy as clicking on one of the links above.  Both have a wide range of choices. You can choose apparel from one or the other or both.

Step 2. Choose the items you would like to have printed.

The pricing at both stores is for the apparel (clothing items) only. To get the full price for each piece (including Embroidery or Screen Printing) you will let us know your choices in step 3.

Step 3. Fill out a request form (at a store) or  contact us by:

  • Phone: 503.239.6694
  • Email: info@nwprintedsolutions.com
  • Contact form (at the right of this page) »»»
  • Quote Request Form


Additional information

Contact our customer service reps for assistance with all your screen printed and embroidered apparel projects. They will help you choose the best items for your desired outcome — that will stay within your budget.