Offset Lithography
This is the standard printing process that most commercial printers use. Though the process is standard, the quality of the printed pieces requires great expertise and solid equipment. The offset process involves two things: ink and water. As we all know, ink (oil) and the water never mix. When a plate with the image is created, it is dampened with water first, then with ink. The ink sticks to the plate where the image area is, and the water binds to the non-image area. The image is then pressed to a rubber blanket, and then finally to the paper. This is why it is called “offset”, because the plates never actually touch the paper as in other forms of printing.

Offset printing, from a printing press is available in all formats—from spot color to full color. Offset printing produces simple to elaborate images on paper and is limited only by your imagination. Offset printing is the most economical way to produce high quantity products such as mailers, letterhead, envelopes, invoices and other business forms, note cards, and invitations.